Benefits of ozone usage

1. It kills many types of  pathogens: bacteria's, viruses and fungi's and creates clean environment.

2. It disinfects and removes unpleasant smell of cigarettes

    smoke, mustiness,  kitchen odours.

3. It works 50-100 times quicker than chlorine and doesn’t leave

    unpleasant chemical scent.

4. Potential  of eliminating or reducing  your health problems

    which could be related to levels of allergens, pathogens or other

    substances in the air.

5. Decreases in allergy symptoms.

6. May help improve the immune system.

7. Often helps in headaches treatment.

8. In hospitals, Medical ozone is used to disinfect tools and treat


***Please note that treatment might be required more then 1 time when removing bad odours from the area but only 1 treatment is required when disinfecting and purifying air and surfaces

(Eliminating viruses, bacteria's, allergens and fungi's)***

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